Learn Mandarin Chinese near me in Houston with NIHAOMA Afterschool Chinese Classes, Chinese Tutors, or Chinese Private Lessons

Spoken by 1/4 of the world’s population, Chinese language demonstrates the Chinese culture and history of 5,000 years. Today it has become the second most taught foreign language in the U.S. Knowledge of Chinese will help your child become more successful in the future.

We are an educational organization that provides Chinese classes and private Chinese lessons to all levels and ages. We also offer onsite afterschool Chinese classes, Chinese tutors, or Chinese private lessons throughout Houston. Learn more about Houston Mandarin Classes now.

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NIHAOMA was founded in 2010. More than 1,350 students from various schools in Houston have benefited from NIHAOMA classes.

How we differentiate ourselves from other institutions:

  • We help young students gain cultural awareness and communication skills among different peoples of the world.
  • We not only encourage young learners to explore their interest and talent in a foreign language, but also motivate them to pursue further language studies.
  • We make Chinese learning easy and fun by offering multi-media materials, student-centered activities, and a relaxing learning environment.
  • We only have skillful and friendly instructors who love to teach and motivate students constantly.

If you have been thinking of learning Chinese in group class or private lesson, now it is the time!

Searching for adult Chinese class or children Chinese class, give us a try and enroll in one of our classes.

If you want us to come to your school, please contact us.

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