Our courses are designed for China’s official language – Mandarin. The pronunciation is based on the Beijing dialect, and the writing follows the simplified version used in P. R. China. Our students will learn the basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing some basic Chinese characters; they will practice their conversational skills through dynamic and interactive activities. Students will also learn about Chinese culture and history.

Children's Chinese classes

We are currently offering Chinese classes for children of 5 to 13 years old at multiple locations. The classes at individual schools are only open to students attending the schools.

Adult Chinese classes

We are currently not offering any Chinese classes for adults.

Customized programs and private tutoring

We also offer customized corporate training programs. In this case you tell us what you would like to achieve in a specific time frame, and we will design the course based on your requirements and objectives.
If private tutoring suites your schedule and learning style better, we will also send a highly qualified tutor to your home. We design the curriculum after discussing with you, we provide the core learning materials and we train/supervise the tutor. Click here to learn more about our private tutoring services.